All of our services incorporated high standards of Health, Safety & environmental polices & procedures.
Sustaining Our periodical internal courses and keeps our engineers updated as per ISO 9000-2008 keeps our engineers updated and fresh to achieve the best quality of services we provide.
Our mission is to make equipment operations safer, more efficient, and more cost effective for our customers in whole Oman. :صندوق بريد رقم 390،  مجمع الحارثي ، الرمز البريدي رقم 118،  سلطنة عمان ، الهاتف : 24504199، الفاكس : 24595992 البريد الاكتروني

P.O.Box 390, AL Harthy Complex, Postal Code 118, Sultanate of Oman.  Tel.: 24504199, Fax:24595992, Email: